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Newfoundland is a marvellous place to visit. Just as Hawaii is different from mainland USA, the Island of Newfoundland is a new experience from the rest of Canada. The only thing better than visiting Newfoundland is visiting the Island with a Newfie dog or two. My big chance came in 1997 when I participated in the Great Newfoundland Dog Trek; it was an experience that I still cherish a decade later.

Newfoundland dogs are rare nowadays in their native island but they have never left the hearts of the people. When someone from away shows up with the official animal emblem of the Province, they better not be in a hurry as a crowd of admirers can be expected wherever they go. At the end of this past summer Carole Macomber and John Wilbur of Toronto took their three year old bitch, Cubby, and 11 month old puppy, Hamilton, to the land of their ancestors. This is an e-mail they sent from the Island:

Hi Everyone!

John and I are taking Cubby and Hamilton on vacation in Newfoundland. It is a dog’s dream come true – swimming everyday, windy walks, celebrity status. We are thrilled and amazed at how easily we find accommodations without reservations. Newfoundland is a wonderfully beautiful place. We were in Cap St George yesterday and in Corner Brook today. Hamilton has been enjoying wading in the ocean water, but has been very cautious about the waves that knock him off balance. Cubby meanwhile cuts through the water, swimming to her hearts content. Yesterday, we stopped at Sheaves Cove & Hidden Falls where the shore is protected and Hamilton bravely took to the water and surprised himself by actually figuring out how to swim. His technique was more like a dog paddle at first, but as soon as he figured out his tail was a rudder and he could turn himself around, he started doing the breast stroke! We are so proud of him….he was pretty pleased with himself as well. Wherever we go, there are always people wanting to take pictures of Cubby and Hamilton. We are having such a good time.

Carole, John, Cubby, Hamilton

Peter Maniate has been writing columns for the Newf News, the magazine of the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada, since 1979.  In 1996 he started writing a Newfoundland dog column in the Breedlines section of Dogs in Canada magazine on behalf of the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada.  When Dogs in Canada ceased publication at the end of 2011 he continued the Breedlines column in the Newf Newfs.

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November 2007