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Benefits of an Outdoor Pen

While Hannibal Newfs are expected to live in your home with their family, there are many benefits to having outdoor accommodation as well. For pups under eight months, such accommodation is highly recommended. However, Newfs of all ages can benefit from such alternate housing. Here are some examples of the benefits for you and your Newfoundland:

  • Housetraining is made easier and less stressful for both pup and humans, especially when combined with the recommended feeding protocol (see Caring for Your Newf Pup document).
  • Your Newf will have freedom of movement when he might otherwise be confined in a crate.
  • Your Newf will have visual, auditory and sensory stimulation that is not available indoors.
  • Your Newf can have unlimited access to water.
  • Your Newf will be able to relieve himself in an appropriate area.
  • If you cannot closely supervise your pup, he can be placed in his pen where he will be safe and comfortable.
  • During an emergency, your Newf can be safely left in his pen with water until you return or arrange for his care.
  • A pen with a crushed stone base does not get muddy, and neither will your Newf.
  • When the ground is frozen, the gravel will allow the urine to drain and not puddle on the surface or trickle underfoot.
  • If there was ever a fire in your home while you were away your Newf would be safer in his pen.
  • A padlock on the gate will alleviate any concerns for safety.
  • A dog door from your home directly into a secure kennel will give an adult Newf the best of both worlds.


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