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Hannibal Documents

Waiting List

Describes Hannibal Newfs’ waiting list explaining how it is populated and used. Includes info on how to get on the waiting list for a pup.

Adoption Process

Describes Hannibal Newfs’ unique adoption process from initial contact up to when the pup reaches eight months of age. Includes info on how to get on the waiting list for a pup.

Breeding Policy

Outlines our breeding priorities and the health standards we use for our dams and sires, as well as sires used from other kennels.

Placement Protocols

Details the general terms for adopting a Hannibal puppy including the adoption fee, includes a summary of services provided over the life of the Newf.

Hannibal Guarantee

The Hannibal Newfoundlands guarantee that forms part of the contract for all regular adoptions. It covers temperament, soundness and longevity.

Approved Food List

Diets ranging from raw to a kibble-based diet that will meet the conditions for the soundness and longevity guarantees offered by Hannibal Newfs.

Preparing For Your Pup

Checklist for preparing for a Newfoundland puppy to become part of your family. Includes basic equipment and supplies and indicates which will be provided by the breeders.

Caring For Your Pup

Gives a preview of what is involved in caring for a Newfoundland. The topics in this document will be covered in more detail on that special day when the puppy goes to his/her new home.

Benefits of Outdoor Pen

Lists 12 benefits of an outdoor pen for a Newfoundland dog. Such outdoor accommodation is especially useful for pups and may be a requirement for adopting a Hannibal pup under eight months of age.