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The World Championship Kissing Contest was held this year on July 27th in Acton, Ontario in conjunction with the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada’s Fun Day. There was real drama at the 1997 event as befits a world championship event. The last two contestants tied: George Gyorko of Brampton, Ontario got 42 kisses to his face in 60 seconds from Teddy and Ralph Bodnieks of Lakefield, Ontario got the same from Bounty. This meant that we had to have a kiss-off! The championship went to Bounty in this last round as he scored 62 kisses to Teddy’s ten.

There is one more nomination from the 1996 Newfoundland Nanny of the Year award to share with you. This one was submitted by Tim and Lucia Briceland of Glenburnie, Ontario for their Newf, Diefenbaker:

Our son Alexander, who is seven, has a very special nanny. His nanny loves kids, is always ready to play, is gentle and kind, has black hair, four legs and his name is Diefenbaker. As you have probably already guessed, Diefenbaker is a dog. He is a hundred and thirty pound, two year old Newfoundland. Alexander and Diefenbaker have become great friends over the past two years. Early last fall Alexander and Diefenbaker were playing in the front yard. I went into the garage to get a shovel when I heard growling and Alexander hollering, “DAD…DAD come quick!” I raced out of the garage to find Diefenbaker standing between a neighbour’s large dog (a malamute) and Alexander. The malamute is not a very friendly dog but the growling I heard was Diefenbaker’s!

He looked at the malamute and growled and barked then turned to Alexander and nudged him away while wagging his tail. He did this several times before I reached him to tell him that everything was all right. He had positioned himself to act as a barrier between Alexander and the other dog and no one was going to get past him. This made me a true believer in what is said about the Newfoundland – The Great Protector!

As a post script, one night not long after the above incident the malamute attacked and killed a young girl’s dog as she walked past the malamute’s house. The girl was shaken by the incident but unhurt. The malamute was later put down by the owner.

Peter Maniate has been writing columns for the Newf News, the magazine of the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada, since 1979.  In 1996 he started writing a Newfoundland dog column in the Breedlines section of Dogs in Canada magazine on behalf of the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada.  When Dogs in Canada ceased publication at the end of 2011 he continued the Breedlines column in the Newf Newfs.

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Dogs in Canada

November 1997