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Big Mac

Ch. Hannibal's Big Mac DDX

Hannibal's Big Mac at the National Specialty 2002

Big Mac

July 22, 1989 – March 17, 2003

Because a family changed their minds about adopting him, a puppy dog got to spend extra time (13 years, 8 months) with his breeders, Peter Maniate and the late Maribeth Maniate. Maribeth fell in love with Big Mac and he was her favourite from that time on.

At events like the Sunny View School Winter Party, held for the children with cerebral palsy, he was a perennial favourite and was requested by name by the kids. If there was an award for the most hugged Newf, Big Mac would have been a contender.

Big Mac became Peter’s top carting dog, performing at the Toronto Sportsmen Show for many years and attending every possible club event. At the 2002 National Specialty (left), Big Mac went in the carting class and proved that Newfs today, like their ancestors in the early days of Newfoundland, are still capable of working to age 13. Also, Big Mac was the third oldest Newf in 2002 in the Newfoundland Club of America’s annual search for the Oldest Living Newfoundland.

Grateful for the privilege of having such a wonderful buddy for so long,

Peter Maniate
Hannibal Kennels