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Welcome to Hannibal Newfs

Our next litter is planned for early 2018 with pups leaving for their new homes in the spring.
Our primary waiting list for the next planned litter is full at this time.
A reserve waiting list may be established when first kennel visits resume.

Established in 1977, Hannibal Newfs is dedicated to maintaining the sweet disposition that is the hallmark of the Newfoundland Dog.

Producing sound, long living dogs, free of major genetic faults, that are capable of performing the traditional work of the breed as draft dogs, water rescue dogs and as companions and protectors of children.

Producing litters such that each and every dog is in reasonable conformity with the breed standard of the Canadian Kennel Club.


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Acknowledging exceptional Hannibal Newfoundlands


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History of Hannibal Newfs

In 1977 Peter Maniate and his late wife, Maribeth, started breeding Canada’s giant native dog at their first home on Hannibal Road in Burlington, Ontario. Subsequently the breeding operation was moved to Mississauga in 1980, to Little Britain in 1989, to Lindsay in 2005, and finally, in May, 2016, to Sunderland, Ontario. With this last move Peter was thrilled to welcome Shel Munro as his partner and co-breeder in Hannibal Newfs.

Peter Mani­ate, Breeder/Author

An avid writer, Peter has been writ­ing a bi-monthly column on dog cart­ing since 1979 for the Newf News. These columns have been re-printed in other dog magazines around the world. Peter also wrote two fea­ture art­icles for Dogs in Canada magazine along with a reg­u­lar column on New­found­land dogs from 1996 to the final issue of the magazine in Decem­ber, 2011. The column on New­found­land dogs entitled Breed­lines is cur­rently being pub­lished in the Newf News.

  • Cana­dian Ken­nel Club (life mem­ber, draft dog test judge)
  • New­found­land Dog Club of Canada (life mem­ber, past president)
  • South East­ern Ontario Region New­found­land Dog Club of Canada (found­ing member)
  • Central Ontario Newfoundland Dog Club
  • New­found­land Club of America
  • Vic­toria County Ken­nel Club
  • Newf Res­cue Canada
  • Newf Friends New­found­land Dog Rescue

Shel Munro, Breeder/Photographer

Shel has been actively associated with Hannibal Newfs for many years and has done everything in the kennel operations from selecting future potential brood bitches to saving newborn pups even when the vets would give no hope. Shel’s web design and photographic skills nicely complement Peter’s writing abilities.

  • Cana­dian Ken­nel Club
  • New­found­land Dog Club of Canada
  • South East­ern Ontario Region New­found­land Dog Club of Canada
  • Central Ontario Newfoundland Dog Club
  • New­found­land Club of America
  • Victoria County Kennel Club


On May 7, 2016, Hannibal Newfs moved to Sunderland, Ontario. The kennel sits on ten private acres adjacent to the Trans Canada Trail. The Newfs have a large fenced yard for play, and enjoy walks along the trail.

We are located approximately 100 km (90 minutes) northeast of the heart of Toronto.


Remembering exceptional Hannibal Newfoundlands

Hannibal’s Angel Bear

She stood stock still for a moment, taking in the situation, then hurtled toward the water and first galloped, then swam full speed toward Amiya before I had even entered the lake. Grace swam around Amiya from behind, giving Amiya a chance to grab on to Grace’s body – which she did – and pulling her promptly in to shore.

Hannibal’s Col. Freeman

Hannibal Kennels has received many honours over the last three decades. The most prestigious honour was having Freeman chosen as the model for a 1988 Canada commemorative postage stamp honouring the Newfoundland breed. The Dogs of Canada commemorative stamp series was commissioned to celebrate the centenary of the Canadian Kennel Club.

Hannibal’s Napoleon

Napoleon shared many adventures with Lloyd over the years, such as fishing for shrimp in Greenland. Lloyd has immortalized Napoleon in photographs that he sells around the world, all proceeds going to Canadian Newf Rescue. These include the most incredible head shot and many showing his prowess in the water.

Ch. Hannibal’s Big Mac DDX

Big Mac became Peter’s top carting dog, performing at the Toronto Sportsmen Show for many years and attending every possible club event. At the 2002 National Specialty (left), Big Mac went in the carting class and proved that Newfs today, like their ancestors in the early days of Newfoundland, are still capable of working to age 13.

Hannibal’s Christmas Belle

Belle’s life was a major milestone in the quest to regain the healthy longevity that Newfoundland dogs enjoyed centuries ago and she brought much love to those whose lives she touched in many ways, especially to Shel and Peter. To her last moment the sighting of a young child sent her tail a wagging. On January 14, 2012 at 14 years and three weeks of age, Belle passed.